Page 2 Preview

I was going to wait until I had finished and posted all the panels for page 2 before I posted a composite, but I couldn't wait.

Ideally I would like to be drawing all these on the same page, perhaps on a nice big 18x24 piece of bristol vellum. But unfortunately I neither have a printer that could handle that size of paper, nor a budget for lots of fancy illustration board.

So in the meantime, I have to be content with having a separate 8.5x11 page per panel, and with not getting to see the way my pages are flowing (outside of my crude preliminary thumbnails) until I stick them all together.

Not getting to see the story flow is the biggest draw-back to drawing panels individually. This is the first time I'm seeing these side by side, and it's feeling more than a little disjointed to me. It also looks pretty busy, which I wasn't able to see because I was completely focused on one panel at a time. to come up with some kind of solution...

Down at the Laundromat

I drew this for an online competition a few years ago, and finally got around to coloring it. I don't usually like to draw super-heroes, and in fact the Fantastic Four are, if not my least favorite super-team, a group I'm am completely disinterested in. Even still, I seem to keep drawing gag and parody sketches of them, like this Bollywood Fantastic Four drawing I did.

Barbara Eden and Julie Newmar

a drawing from way back in 2009, now in color! woo!