Batgirl (1880)

While I was at work yesterday, my lovely lady re- posted this picture up on the internet. I'd seen it around and had wanted to see her in Batgirl type action, bringing the resemblance full circle. Then draw it already, says I to me.

I started with below sketch, which is mainly based on a publicity still of Yvonne Craig (the working at my desk and covering the drawing surreptitiously every time someone came into the room.... I guess I've been doing that for years, doodling in class, at my desk, anywhere where I should be doing something else.

Once I got home I scanned the above and then reprinted it in very light red, at about twice the size of the original. I drew over the red print in HB lead and refashioned many details. When I rescan the image I can filter out the red completely, leaving just the clean pencil lines.

A lot of illustrators, especially in comics and animation, use this technique when making rough drafts, although they generally work with "no-repro" blue or red pencils. I find that the waxy pencils are frustrating to draw over, so I usually will use the manipulation technique. Which also allows me to keep a lot of the energy of a small drawing by just scaling it up.

Here's the next draft. No cape yet, still trying to figure it out. The final draft will most likely include a chimney festooned Victorian skyline.

Olive takes figure drawing class

Drawn while drinking at Fiume Bar down the street.

sorry to those with requests that I haven't finished, will get to work....uh soon...

Edward Gorey styled Zita Johann

EGorey-ZitaJohann-1, originally uploaded by lone_goomba.

wow, I forgot I drew this (just under a year ago)

This is from a photo of Zita Johann posing in a publicity still for the original 1932 [I]The Mummy[/I], which of course starred Boris Karloff as the titular living dead.

So here's some trivia for you. Unlike Dracula and Frankenstein, which were moving picture dramatizations of preexisting stories, the Mummy got its start from pure 1930s Egyptomania.

The producer, inspired by the recent opening of Tutankhamun's tomb, commissioned a writer to create an Egyptian Themed horror.

Early scripts were based on the story of Alessandro Caglistro, the 18th century French Prophet and charlatan, who claimed to have been living for several centuries. They centered around a 3000-year old magician living in San Francisco, surving on nitrate injections. When a different story writer was brought on board, story was imported to Egypt and the Mummy was born.

Under New and CLEAN Management

I've been meaning to put a banner picture up there for a long while, and now I've finally got around to it. Stinson's Rite Spot is the bar I imagine owning when I'm riding the bus, staring out the window at all the ramshackle drinking establishments in my office's neighborhood. Who are these people going getting drunk at 9AM? I guess I imagine owning a dive to answer this idle curiosity. I've turned the Rite Spot into a shop though, because you can't, yet, drink over the internet. You can however peruse junk and buy stuff.

The new blog will contain all the things promised on the sign. There will be drawings, and for sale no less. There will be trivia, as I plan to expand the blog's function to include ramblings about cartoons and movies that obsess me. And of course there will be nonsense and curiosities, because who wants to look at anything else?

so then without anymore ado

One Year and 100 Posts!

with this fun ad lib drawing of Time Pirate and the Flaming Skull

(with side kick Parsimonious Parrot) I'm celebrating 100 posts! woo!

Plus, I just looked at the date of my first post and it looks like my blog is almost a year old. Happy early birthday, blog!


SEE THE ASTOUNDING ADVENTURES OF..., originally uploaded by lone_goomba.

Desert Hare Hernandez is a story I want to make about an Indiana Jones style lady adventurer. My line of thinking on this character is: what if a Frida Kahlo type woman carried a rifle and had archeology/occult themed adventures in 1950s South America? So far audience testing has shown that this would kick some ass. I don't seem to have the wherewithal to pull this one off yet, but I'm getting there.

So far the premise looks like this:

Dr. Mary Ellen Hernandez is a Pre-Colombian History Professor and a writer in a sizable South American city. She has a friend called Beto, a salty old jungle archeologist, who invariably brings her along whenever he goes out on expeditions. They're old buddies who go way back. Back to the days when Doctor Hernandez was just a young, rifle wielding, vigilante in the American South West, known as The Desert Hare.
Every time they head out into the jungle, evil robot, giant cat snake, secret nazi base, death cult, hidden city, mad scientist hi-jinks ensue.

Mary Ellen "Desert Hare" Hernandez is Frida Kahlo+Indiana Jones+Annie Oakley.
Beto is Salvador Dali+Percy Harrison Fawcett+Obi Wan Kenobi.
The situations are Tintin+Hellboy+Lost City of Z

what does this equation equal? I'm having a little trouble solving it...