Under New and CLEAN Management

I've been meaning to put a banner picture up there for a long while, and now I've finally got around to it. Stinson's Rite Spot is the bar I imagine owning when I'm riding the bus, staring out the window at all the ramshackle drinking establishments in my office's neighborhood. Who are these people going getting drunk at 9AM? I guess I imagine owning a dive to answer this idle curiosity. I've turned the Rite Spot into a shop though, because you can't, yet, drink over the internet. You can however peruse junk and buy stuff.

The new blog will contain all the things promised on the sign. There will be drawings, and for sale no less. There will be trivia, as I plan to expand the blog's function to include ramblings about cartoons and movies that obsess me. And of course there will be nonsense and curiosities, because who wants to look at anything else?

so then without anymore ado

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