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Desert Hare Hernandez is a story I want to make about an Indiana Jones style lady adventurer. My line of thinking on this character is: what if a Frida Kahlo type woman carried a rifle and had archeology/occult themed adventures in 1950s South America? So far audience testing has shown that this would kick some ass. I don't seem to have the wherewithal to pull this one off yet, but I'm getting there.

So far the premise looks like this:

Dr. Mary Ellen Hernandez is a Pre-Colombian History Professor and a writer in a sizable South American city. She has a friend called Beto, a salty old jungle archeologist, who invariably brings her along whenever he goes out on expeditions. They're old buddies who go way back. Back to the days when Doctor Hernandez was just a young, rifle wielding, vigilante in the American South West, known as The Desert Hare.
Every time they head out into the jungle, evil robot, giant cat snake, secret nazi base, death cult, hidden city, mad scientist hi-jinks ensue.

Mary Ellen "Desert Hare" Hernandez is Frida Kahlo+Indiana Jones+Annie Oakley.
Beto is Salvador Dali+Percy Harrison Fawcett+Obi Wan Kenobi.
The situations are Tintin+Hellboy+Lost City of Z

what does this equation equal? I'm having a little trouble solving it...

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  1. Oh my God. What is this? Back story! I love Desert Hare Hernandez!