Another Vector Still Life

Vector Still Life

some nice bananas.

referenced from a photo found online. Each banana has it's own hierarchy of tone and saturation within the hue that makes it up. That is to say, all the colors of each banana have the same hue, and the shadows and highlights are made of different levels of value and/or saturation of that hue.

next step: figuring out how to work with hue, value and saturation in paint to achieve the same outcome... also figuring out a more interesting subject than just "some nice bananas"

Charcoal Drawing

the first hour of a new charcoal drawing for my self-study program. This will be one of five drawings for the course of the semester. Each to take three weeks. So far... it's been two weeks and this is due on Thursday... I am going to get a bad grade from myself...

practically none of these lines will end up in the final piece. Beyond a few more attempts to correct the proportions with sight-measurement, this layer is done with. On top of it will go a very mobile arrangement of lights and darks, which will move all around and change shape seemingly at will, only vaguely following the original guidelines.

the drawing is at a little under 2 1/2 hours with the second and third layers:

Another color wheel type thing

Just for fun, this one.

the thing about this, though: A 50/50 mix of the Red and Yellow do make that Orange, and 50/50 of the Blue and Red do make that purple... but 50/50 of the Yellow and Blue... they do not make that green.... that's actually a job for 100% Cyan, 0% Magenta, 100% Yellow and about 40% Black....

give me a little bit, I'm still figuring it out.

also, here is a small acrylic painting I've done.

there's an old saying that a person only has about a hundred bad paintings in them.... well, so far I've done maybe five. The adage is holding up admirably.