That's just ridiculous

I don't know what this is. Just playing around in Inkscape with tones and figures, and this came out. No sketching, no real forethought, just sort of "what happens if I ---". Just fooling around with some of the ideas I learned this semester in drawing III and b&w design.

Actually, it can be kind of relaxing. I can get myself pretty worked up trying to get some idea put down perfectly, and then end up dissatisfied. Sometimes, it's nice to just throw something around for a while.

12 Hour drawing, take 2

So, I turned in the 12 hour drawing of the previous post, and it went over pretty well. Got a good critique and good grade. My reward? Do another one, just like it! thank god it's not 12 hours straight...

so here, in the same format as the last drawing, are the first two hours:



T+3hrs (Yipes! falling behind. today is monday, and it's due this thursday)