12 Hour charcoal drawing process

Hi folks.

I'm going to try to run a process post about a drawing I'm doing for class. Between now and the Thursday after thanksgiving, I have a 12hr figure drawing to complete. So, instead of doing what I usually do (cram in six hours of drawing, staying up to 3am, the day before class), I'll be adding an hour's worth of drawing to the piece every night until it's due.

each new photo posted will represent another hour added to the drawing.

comments on my progress are welcome!

here are the first two hours:






T+6Hrs (Halfway done!)



T+9Hrs (so close to the end!)



12 HOURS! sonovabitch! I made it!

School Drawing

Vine charcoal on Rives BFK paper from plaster cast bust. If you know enough about paper to wonder "wait, isn't that printmaking paper?" Yes, it is and it's actually a stand in for the type of paper our teachers have requested we use: Arches Cover, another printmaking paper. Why printmaking paper? The instructors claim they have superior qualities for holding charcoal, but I'm not convinced. yet.

I used to hate charcoal drawing, but now I definitely seem to be getting the hang of it...