Second Color Scheme Attempt

Ok, so back to the drawing board for a different color scheme. Got a lot of great feedback from good friends (read: a buncha wisenhimers!). It seems that the first design was too evocative of either an apron or a maids uniform.

so I present to you, a different dress:


  1. The redesign is lovely, but I still wonder, is it a dress she would wear? Her choice (or lack thereof) should be determined by her personality and circumstances. Does she care much about her appearance? Would her clothes be contemporary or dated? Also, what condition would it be in? Dirty, faded frayed?

  2. At home, the scholar and artist Mary Ellen Hernandez is most comfortable in flamboyantly colored cotton clothing. The jacket and granny boots go on when action calls, and she becomes the Desert Hare. It's not to say that she wouldn't wear dungarees and a work shirt, especially on expedition in the jungle for instance, but a lot of the action she takes part in is on the fly. She hears goons broke into a friend's house, so she throws on her gear over whatever she happened to be wearing while she had been at the typewriter, and gives chase.

    it can also serve as a metaphor. Underneath the bomber jacket, guns, and boots, she's not a killer at heart.