Desert Hare, Redesigned!

the first rough sketches of Desert Hare, redesigned. I'm always trying to feel out who she is, and what she does. Sometimes that necessitates a reupholstering. Personally I'm pretty excited about the new outfit. It's both more visually appealing, and also implies a duality to the character (in a blunt sort of a way) suggesting a clash between daintiness and brawny action.

And here, as promised, is a rough of the Desert Hare rescuing a classic damsel on a motorcycle. Enjoy!


  1. Careful. The red panel in her chest makes it look like she's wearing am apron. I immediately thought "maid".

  2. I totally love the duality -- the cotton lace with the sheepskin leather, the dress with iron-toe boots.

  3. I'm not crazy about her ultra square jaw tho... I liked her face better a few iterations ago, ie from Nov last year, when you posted her bio (especially the inset).