Stinson Lenz, Illustrator, Designer

Self-taught designer, from a long line of architects, painters, sculptors, craftsmen, and bankers. Creative thinker who likes a challenge. Confident problem solver, who can tackle any type of work.


CAD Models & Construction Drawings

  • 2011–Ongoing Millennium Falcon Cockpit G Dietrich, US
  • 2012 1:6 Scale Flash Gordon Rocketcycle C King, UK
  • 2011 Death Star Console for basement den B Thompson, US
  • 2011 Replica of rare Martin-Baker Ejector Seat part J Hayes, US

Illustration & Design

  • 2011 Portrait of Sofia Dominguez (Commissioned for Nico Dominguez and Amanda Innes Dominguez by Sarah Bryson Banh)
  • 2010 Wedding Portrait of Sarah and Phil Banh, Commissioned by Sarah Bryson and Phil Banh
  • 2009 Penn Energy Showdown, Poster Commissioned by Faculty at the Fels Institute of Government
  • 2008 “Songs Taught to me by the Brothers Warner” Album Cover, Commissioned by Megan Lynch



  • AA (Expected 2015) Community College of Philadelphia HONORS 2012 Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society


  • 2012 Philadelphia Plastics Club Workshop Show