WIP The Addams Family Mansion (1991)

a project I escape to when I want to get away from other more pressing pursuits...


  1. Congratulations on the House of Addams Family project.
    I am a student of architecture and always been very interested in this house. To created plans would be like inside the mansion and would love to see how you will develop the remaining cozy and floors , adapting them to a conventional plan.

    Regards, Marcelo GD

    PS . Pardon me for my terrible English

  2. Stinson, are you eyeballing the layout details from movie stills, or are you reconstructing it forensically with photo-modeling software, using a known measurement value(s) to build everything else to scale?
    Regardless, I find it very impressive that you are actually trying to match the interior (originally a sound-stage) into the exterior model (an outdoor facade). You wouldn't be able to do this with the exterior and interior of the mansion from the Clue Movie.
    Do you have any further updates on this?

  3. Thanks for the comments. Much like the Clue house, the interiors and exteriors don't match up. The cutaway was eyeballed, trying to fit all the spaces together, but when I tried to recreate an accurate version using the models I'd made, there were a lot of problems. To answer your question, most of the work I've put in is build from photos, using Sketchup's native photomatching tool. Some is still eyeballed, but is also built with a logic: connecting up all the parts that I'd create from photos. I haven't every seen any blueprints from production, but you never know! thanks.