Logo for Rainbow Records of Newark, DE

This is a process post of a logo I designed for the great Rainbow Records shop in Newark, DE.

On the far left, my initial sketch from the client's description. I made at least three or four completely different thumbnail sketches for the client, and let them choose which seemed to be moving in the right direction for them.

From there I asked for direct input about what they liked, what they wanted to change, typefaces they liked, and for them to send images of logos or motifs that inspired them.

In the middle, the updated rough draft. Here I fleshed out the design from the client's input. They were liking the progress, and had plenty of good input about adjustments and additions. Getting client input is sometimes the best part of the job. If you end up with a simple checklist from your client of what they want, you can knock out those items and get back to them with a product that makes them happy. From here I went on to do several vector illustration drafts and we narrowed things down.

Far right is the final product. I got a bonus T-shirt with the logo printed on, and both my client and I were really happy with the complete logo.

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