Mojo Jojo tries not to screw up (again...)

Process post of a drawing I'm making for an online competition. The subject is Mojo Jojo.

These three drawings were the best of the initial thumbnails I came up with. The first two had a lot of energy and intensity, but of them the first seemed to have too little going on in it, and the second seemed too gruesome. I scanned them and quickly colored them in the freeware vector program, Inkscape.

Next I broke apart the elements of the third thumbnail, and reorganized the composition to better effect. After that I printed the composition, blown up to fit a piece of printer paper, and set at about 20% opacity. Once printed, I could barely see any of the lines of the original thumbnail. That meant that as I redrew the piece, I had to make all new decisions, while having the original thumbnail as a fallback guideline.

Once I scanned that new sketch, I tweaked the composition a little more, and scanned in some new details.

Finally, by rearranging that composition even further to solidify a sense of perspective, the final drawing came about. I drew it the same way, over a 20% opacity print-out, scanned it back in, and spotted some of the blacks.

Next I'll be adding some shadows, and that dramatic lighting back in. Then to the color phase.

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