Desert Hare Hernandez

Using a CAD program, I created maquettes and marionettes of the locations and characters that were needed for the scene. After careful posing of figures and setting up of camera locations (based on previously worked out thumbnail sketches of the scene), I exported a graphic of the scene from the CAD program and printed it at only 10% opacity. Then, after warming with pencil sketches of Eadward Muybridge motion studies, I drew over the print out. Color was added in Inkscape, a versatile freeware vector program, using a page from a Tin Tin comic as a color palette.

the process ultimately serves to highlight that my weakest areas are perspective and proportion. Without the CAD "sketch" as a foundation for a scene, I have an enormously difficult time making solid under-drawings. I worry that I won't ever get better in those areas if I rely on cheating. But if cheating looks this good, I can't really argue with it.

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