I'm trying to figure out why I'm having such a hard time making comics. It might be that the comics I tend to try are the kinds of comics I can't stand reading myself. Wordy action comics, where hammy cliches abound.

What is it that I like in comics? Why am I not emulating it?

Here's a short brainstorm on my favorite comics and what it is I like about them.

Hhellboy: visual imagery, graphic clarity of action, interesting and original mystical doodadery

Daniel Clowes comics: realistic inane banter, enjoying hating of stuff, originality of characters and action, a finger on the pulse of something.

Jaime Hernandez: beautiful understanding of human anatomy, gossipy, cute ladies, human characters, inspires nostalgia for an things I've never experienced

Arrg, this is interesting, because I never put any of these things in my own comics, but infuriating, because I don't know how to start doing it. Why do I have this disconnect when I start drawing comics? I forget everything I've learned and everything I want to do, and try to ...I don't know live up to some uncoscious idea of what making comics is supposed to be. I can't just put a good drawing in the panel, I have to put a depiction of what the action is supposed to be. Composition, appeal, figure-ground all go out the window, as a sacrifice to what's supposed to be happening

It could also be that my theories on comic making far outstrip my actual comic making experience. I once had the same problem with drawing, and the only way I got to two to catch up was by drawing 15 minutes a day. So... how about drawing comics for 15 minutes a day?

yeah...how about it?


  1. Maybe you need to work with a writer who will collaborate with you on the big story so that you can focus on the design and rendering while they work out stuff like structure, pacing, and scripting.

  2. If you haven't already, you might want to read Meobius' Airtight Garage.

  3. Yes, that would be ideal, but I haven't met the writer yet who can put up with me... heh.