TrollFowl, originally uploaded by lone_goomba.

quick sketch colored with admarkers and photoshop. a couple years ago I drew a single comic page with these creatures in it and I keep revisiting them. they're called Troll Fowl.

a bit about what's happening in the drawing (just for fun)
in the course of courtship, the male troll fowl will range the counrtyside, often with several other male rivals hot oh his heals, and attack anything he comes accross. He will then bring the often mangled corpse back to the breeding grounds as a token of his affection for his would-be mate.

the idea popped up as a justification for this monster's otherwise needless attack of the innocent bow wielding hero depicted. While most monster's cause for attacking heroes (especially in Harryhousen movies) is self defense, I thought it might be interesting to justify a monster on the ofensive with something other than an-evil-wizards/witch-made-them-do-it

while I love Harryhousen's distain for the slash-innocent-monsters-first-ask-no-questions-later ethos of most heroes, I'm also a fan of hard-luck heroes who are attacked mercilessly by the savage world. Interesting how Harryhousen identified with the monsters first, perhaps feeling like an anti-antagonist, if you will, throughout his life, where as I seem to think I'm the unfairly assailed protagonist... someone has delusions of grandure, and it's not harryhousen. that guy is sweet as a puppy dog (watch any interview featuring him.)

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